Care Concierge Program

Care Concierge Program

Coordinate with Healthcare Providers

Working towards healthcare goals can bring you to several healthcare providers and medical specialists. Keeping track of all your care providers, medical records, and appointments can quickly get overwhelming. This is where the SCCIPA Care Concierge program can help.

If your doctor is a member of the Santa Clara County Independent Physician’s Association (SCCIPA) then you already have access to our Care Concierge. This team of clinical professionals are here to help you navigate your wellbeing across the continuum of care. The Care Concierge works directly with you, your family, and your medical providers to coordinate your care. We help you keep track of all of your appointments and make sure you are connecting to the services you need. Our team can make sure you receive medical equipment, physical therapy, follow-up care, or any other medical service that will help you reach your goals. We can even help you find transportation services and provide health insurance counseling.

Who Are the SCCIPA Care Concierges?

Care concierges are clinical professionals who are there to provide care with a purpose. Their goal is to ensure your healthcare needs are coordinated so you can focus on what is important to you – your health. Following a hospital stay, they can coordinate care to skilled nursing, ordering needed equipment or services, and assist with follow up appointments to your physicians. They know about medical providers and services near you and keep track of your appointments. If you are unsure which provider to see or what kind of medical specialist you need, they can discuss your options and help you make an appointment.

Our Care Concierges can help you:

  • Assist with transitions following a hospital stay
  • Help you find medical equipment, therapies, and other services
  • Find transportation services and at-home care programs near you
  • Coordinate care from providers within the SCCIPA network
  • Communicate between your care providers and medical specialists
  • Research care programs that can be of aid to you
  • Answer your questions about medical services

We’re Ready to Help

Your Care Concierge serves as your personal guide to the SCCIPA network and local healthcare resources. We provide our members with personalized solutions to help them meet their healthcare goals. Contact us today to get started.

You can reach the SCCIPA Care Concierge by calling