For Providers

For Providers

Santa Clara Physician Network

Welcome, medical providers, to the SCCIPA website. Here you can find valuable resources for your practice. Be sure to log in to the SCCIPA Provider Portal to keep up with the latest events, view webinars, and read news about our network.

Our physicians have access to a vast network of medical providers and medical specialists who can aid them in providing patients with outstanding service.

About SCCIPA—Our Critical Success Factors:

  • Value added services to support your passion – to provide care to your patients and remain in independent practice
  • An high performing physician network that works closely with SCCIPA leadership
  • An exceptional MSO (managed services organization), PPMSI, that provides a variety of services to facilitate the coordination of care, support the ever-changing and daunting quality and coding requirements
  • Access to advanced technology to share clinical results, promote patient safety, and improve clinical outcomes
  • Patient centric case management and disease management
  • Physician-level clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction measurements
  • Reports and Rewards based on clinical performance, efficiency, and patient satisfaction

Become a SCCIPA Provider

Our network of SCCIPA physicians and medical specialists is growing quickly! SCCIPA is proud to offer a variety of resources, CME seminars, and value added benefits for our providers. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of becoming a SCCIPA doctor.

If you are a physician who would like to apply to SCCIPA for membership, or have questions about becoming a SCCIPA provider, please email us at